Hogwarts homework assignments

Hogwarts, school of Witchcraft and wizardry harry potter

hogwarts homework assignments

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Spinner's End first appears in Half-Blood Prince, when Snape is visited by bellatrix Lestrange and Narcissa malfoy. In deathly hallows, it is revealed that Snape lived at Spinner's End as a young child and that Lily potter and Petunia dursley lived in the same town. Schools edit beauxbatons edit main article: beauxbatons coat of arms for the magic school beauxbatons, as described in the harry potter books: "Two crossed, golden wands, each emitting three stars". The beauxbatons Academy of Magic (French: Académie de magie beauxbâtons ) is a magic school first introduced in Goblet of Fire. Beauxbatons has a history that goes back at least 700 years, when it first began participating in the Triwizard tournament. The Academy is housed in a glittering palace in France.

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Dobby the house-elf was buried in the garden after he died. During the war, bill himself was the secret-keeper for Bill and Fleur. The Shell Cottage Scenes were filmed on Pembrokeshire beaches. Citation needed Spinner's End edit Spinner's End is yellow a muggle street, on which sits a house that is the home of severus Snape. 12 It is described as one of several streets of identical brick houses. The street is located near a dirty river, the bank of which is strewn with litter. A mill with a tall chimney is close. From the description of its surroundings it is likely that this is the house severus Snape grew up in, thus making the place the fictitious town of cokeworth. Snape's front door opens directly into a sitting room that has the feeling of a dark, padded cell, containing walls filled with books, post 13 threadbare furniture, and a dim, candle-filled lamp that hangs from the ceiling. A hidden door leads to a narrow staircase.

Harry loses the house to voldemort when Corban Yaxley grabs hold of Hermione when she attempts to escape by disapparition. She drops Yaxley off at 12 Grimmauld Place, thus revealing the location to voldemort. The Claremont Square area of London was used for the exteriors of Number 12, Grimmauld Place. Shell Cottage edit Shell Cottage in deathly hallows Shell Cottage is the home of Bill weasley and Fleur Delacour after they get married in deathly hallows. It is located overlooking a short beach outside the village of Tinworth in Cornwall. 11 The cottage served as a hiding place for Harry, ron, hermione, luna, dean Thomas,. Ollivander and Griphook after they managed to escape from imprisonment in Malfoy manor.

hogwarts homework assignments

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Only magical people can see it, and only if told the location by the secret keeper resume himself. The house is even immune from the ' taboo ' imposed by the ministry of Magic after the coup d'état. This is known because hermione Granger mentions Voldemort by name at least once whilst inside the house. 10 Because sirius was incarcerated in azkaban, the house fell into disrepair over the next several years. When he later returned to his family home in the fifth book, it was a gloomy and unpleasant dwelling teeming with dust, decay, magical creatures, and various dangers. Harry inherits the house at the beginning of Half-Blood Prince after Sirius's death, although from he donates it to the Order (wanting no connection to the place where sirius felt trapped and useless before his death). In deathly hallows, it becomes a sanctuary for Harry, ron, and Hermione while hiding from Voldemort.

An ancient and deeply mad house-elf named Kreacher is loyal to the portrait of Mrs. There are other portraits of members of the Black family, including Phineas Nigellus Black, one-time head of the Black family and least-popular headmaster of Hogwarts. The staircase is lined with the heads of beheaded former house-elves, which are mounted onto the walls. Many security measures are in place at Grimmauld Place: there are anti- apparation charms, the place is Unplottable, the whole house is under a fidelius charm and it is disguised from Muggles and other interlopers. In the seventh book, it is noted that the neighbours had long ago come to terms with the houses on their square running straight from 11. It is as secure as any magical dwelling can be and can accommodate a large number of people. For this reason, it was chosen as the headquarters of the reconstituted Order of the Phoenix when Sirius offered it to the Order.

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hogwarts homework assignments

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The malfoys were previously served by dobby the house elf, before lucius was tricked by harry into freeing him. HP2 In the Chamber of Secrets, draco reveals that the manor has its own "chamber of secrets" under the drawing room, which was used to hide valuable dark artefacts when the ministry raided the manor. Voldemort used Malfoy manor as headquarters on at least one occasion in deathly hallows. The three malfoys seemed quite displeased by this use of their manor as Voldemort himself noted; only bellatrix appears to be pleased he is there. The malfoys have become prisoners in their own home and in very real fear for their lives. During the deathly hallows, several prisoners are being kept in the basement on Voldemort's orders, including Luna lovegood, dean Thomas, griphook the goblin, and. When Snatchers capture harry, ron, and Hermione, they are brought to malfoy manor.

They escape with the other prisoners thanks to dobby's help. The four residents of the manor are then placed under house arrest by lord Voldemort, until they join with other death Eaters in the battle of Hogwarts. Malfoy manor was inspired by and partly shot at Hardwick hall, derbyshire a national Trust property. Number 12, Grimmauld Place obesity edit number 12, Grimmauld Place (a pun on "grim old place london is the address and name of reference to the home of the Black family, an ancient and pure-blooded line of wizards. It first appears in the fifth book. The structure of Number 12 Grimmauld Place is a georgian terraced house. Number 12 houses the Black family tree on a wall tapestry, and an enchanted portrait of Walburga Black, sirius' mother.

Number 4 is known to have four bedrooms upstairs, at least one bathroom, a kitchen, a sitting room and a conservatory downstairs (apart from the cupboard under the stairs). The name of the street refers to the hedges that enclose many suburban gardens, as Rowling liked the idea of enclosure. In the novels and films, the dursleys' home is in a respectable and boring neighbourhood where the neighbours ostracise harry, who despises Little Whinging because of his memories of his cruel treatment there. Arabella figg, who lives two streets away from 4 Privet Drive in the novels (but just across the road in the films) knows of Harry's magic, because she is a squib member of the Order of the Phoenix, placed in Little Whinging by dumbledore to keep. In Harry potter and the Order of the Phoenix, dumbledore reveals that the reason Harry must return there at least once a year is because of the protection Harry's mother left upon him when she gave her life to save him. That act allowed an "ancient magic" to work, which meant Harry could never be harmed so long as he lived in the care of his mother's blood; in this case, his Aunt Petunia.

This charm would not break until Harry turned. Other mentioned places in Little Whinging are magnolia crescent somewhat around the corner and a playground at a bit of a distance to Privet Drive which before harry's fifth year has been partially demolished by dudley and his gang. According to the documentary Creating the world of Harry potter Part I: The magic Begins, included in the 2009 dvd/Blu-ray "Ultimate Edition" of Harry potter and the Philosopher's Stone, the film-makers initially attempted to film the little Whinging/Privet Drive sequences on location in a real. When this proved unfeasible, a section of Privet Drive was constructed on the backlot at leavesden Film Studios. As of november 2016 this standing set, which remained in use throughout the decade-long filming history of the harry potter films, remains visible in google maps aerial views of the studio. 9 non-primary source needed It sits in a location with other Harry potter sets and props. Citation needed malfoy manor edit malfoy manor is the home of the aristocratic Malfoy family: Lucius, narcissa, their son Draco malfoy and later Bellatrix Lestrange (sister of Narcissa). It is mentioned in the fifth book that the manor is located somewhere in Wiltshire, england.

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It is believed to be held by a "rich man" for tax purposes, although this is in reality to keep it from being sold or torn down. During his time as a student, tom Marvolo riddle murdered his father and grandparents in the house. On the opposite side of the valley, the only dwelling appears to have been the dilapidated cottage which was the home of the pure-blooded, anti-social descendants of Salazar Slytherin, the gaunt family. The gaunt cottage is set in a copse alongside a winding road which climbed out of the valley. 7 In Goblet of Fire, voldemort and Harry fight in the graveyard of Little hangleton. Little Whinging edit no 4, Privet Drive, little Whinging Under the stairs, no 4 Privet Drive little Whinging is a fictitious town in Surrey, england, located to the south of London. Alison Lurie noted in the new York review of books that Little Whinging's name is "a joke that American readers may not get: proposal we would call the place little Whining". 8 Number 4, Privet Drive, little Whinging, is the dursleys' home, in which Harry lives with his aunt Petunia, uncle vernon, and cousin Dudley. He has lived there since the age of fifteen months, having previously lived with his parents in Godric's Hollow; however, since he began attending Hogwarts, he spends little time there, though he reluctantly returns during the summer holidays.

hogwarts homework assignments

6 This connection was also stated outright by hermione in the final book of the series. At the centre of the village square of Godric's Hollow, is a war memorial that magically transforms into a monument to the potter family James, lily, and Harry when approached by witches and/or wizards unaccompanied by muggles. Invisible to muggles, the remains of Harry's old house (left just as it was after Voldemort attacked) are found at the end of the main street. Little hangleton edit little hangleton is a fictional Muggle village notable as the place essay of origin of Voldemort's maternal and paternal ancestors, and as the place where he was restored to bodily form in Harry potter and the goblet of Fire. Although the village first appears in Goblet of Fire, the fourth volume in the series, it is not described until Harry potter and the half-Blood Prince, the sixth volume. The village occupies the floor of a valley, bounded by steep hills, not far from the larger settlement of Great Hangleton. Above the village on one side of the valley are a church, a cemetery and the riddle house, the former estate of the aristocratic Riddle family and at one time the finest house in the village. It first appears in the opening of Goblet of Fire as the location of Frank Bryce 's murder; and at this point in the chronology of the harry potter series, it is decrepit and covered in vines.

lord Voldemort. 4 It was at this time that their baby son, harry, was left with his lightning bolt-shaped scar. Godric's Hollow was the home of James Potter's family, and the home of long-dead Hogwarts founder Godric Gryffindor 3 (after whom the village was named). After expressing his interest in returning to godric's Hollow to visit his parents' graves, harry does so in the company of Hermione Granger. Once there, it is revealed in Harry potter and the deathly hallows that the church graveyard of Godric's Hollow is the resting place for many wizard personalities, including a member of Hannah Abbott's family, but the most famous being Ignotus peverell and the potters. Dumbledore's mother Kendra moved her family to godric's Hollow after her husband, percival, was arrested for attacking three muggle boys. Other notable residents of the village include bowman Wright (inventor of the golden Snitch ) 5 and Bathilda bagshot, author of a history of Magic. Rowling was questioned in an interview for bbc newsround and implicitly confirmed the connection between Godric's Hollow and Godric Gryffindor.

Despite the house's rundown appearance, harry remarks on his first visit that it was the best house he had ever been in and study it becomes his second favourite place in the world (after Hogwarts). The well-hidden orchard nearby doubles. Quidditch pitch for the weasley boys and. A multitude of garden gnomes infests the garden of the burrow. In, harry potter and the Chamber of Secrets, the burrow was described as a pig-sty that had extra rooms added. When a new child was born, molly and Arthur weasley just added an extra room onto the house. Outside the front door were a jumble of wellington boots and a rusty old cauldron. Godric's Hollow edit, godric's Hollow is a fictional village located in the. West country of England.

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Rowling 's, harry potter universe contains numerous settings for the events in her fantasy novels. These locations are categorised as a dwelling, school, shopping district, or government-affiliated locale. Contents, places to stay edit, the burrow edit, the weasleys' home, known as the. Burrow, is located outside the village of Ottery St Catchpole, also near the home of the. Lovegoods, the, diggorys and the fawcetts. The burrow was used as the Order of the Phoenix's headquarters, due to the compromised Fidelius Charm placed on 12 Grimmauld Place,. Harry potter and the deathly hallows until it lost its given protection. The weasley house has seven analysis floors. It is also quite dilapidated, managing to remain standing only by magic.

hogwarts homework assignments
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The weasleys' home, known as the burrow, is located outside the village of Ottery St Catchpole, also near the home of the lovegoods, the diggorys and the fawcetts. The burrow was used as the Order of the Phoenix's headquarters, due to the compromised Fidelius Charm placed on 12 Grimmauld. The son of James and Lily potter and nephew of Vernon and Petunia dursley.

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  1. The site, created by a group that has no affiliation with. Rowling or Warner Bros., offers a number of opportunities for aspiring wizards and muggles, such as getting sorted into one of the four houses. Places to stay the burrow.

  2. Any miscreants are usually punished by the teachers or the ministry of Magic, and the form of punishment depends on the severity of the. Ever wanted to. As of this month, harry potter fans around the globe can enroll for free online classes.

  3. The castle is located in the mountains near a loch. The precise location of the school. Hogwarts, school of Witchcraft and wizardry, the many underage wizards and witches are kept under control by the teachers through the many rules set there.

  4. Rowling has suggested that she may have inadvertently taken the name from the hogwort plant (Croton capitatus. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and wizardry is the British wizarding school, located in the highlands of Scotland. It takes students from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and Ireland.

  5. Hogwarts, school of Witchcraft and wizardry, shortened. Hogwarts, is a fictional British school of magic for students aged eleven to eighteen, and is the primary setting for the first six books. Rowling's Harry potter series.

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