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masters dissertation pdf

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Delay of Publication/Restricted Access As per York Universitys Thesis, dissertation and Supervision guidelines, normally there is no restriction on the publication of and access to theses and dissertations. Accordingly, theses and dissertations are released after each convocation (november 1 and July 1). In exceptional circumstances, students may request to restrict access to their thesis/dissertation for a maximum of three years. Please refer to the Thesis, dissertation and Supervision guidelines for more information. If you have an approved delay on the publication of your thesis/dissertation, the appropriate date should appear on your etd record. It is your responsibility to ensure that this date is correct before you submit for review Request to delay publication.

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If your submission is returned to you for modification, your etd record will have be reopened to enable you to make the required changes and resubmit. The required changes will be outlined in the email you receive from the Thesis coordinator. If you are asked to make changes to your pdf thesis/dissertation document, simply replace the previously uploaded file with the updated one. Make sure you click on i accept and Send for review on the submit for review tab report to resubmit your thesis/dissertation to fgs. Status At any time you can log in to your etd record to check on the status of your submission. Simply click on the Check Status tab in the navigation bar. Deposit in YorkSpace yorkSpace is York Universitys Open Access Institutional Repository (IR). It is a platform that enables York community members to post, organize and preserve their research online in an institutional context. It showcases the scholarship of the york University community through the use of a special standardsbased software platform that collects usage statistics and promotes visibility on the web. Once your submission is approved by the Thesis coordinator and all required forms received and fees paid, your thesis/dissertation will be deposited in YorkSpace at the time of conferral of your degree, according to the publication date listed on your etd record (normally either november. Once the thesis/dissertation is deposited in YorkSpace, it will be available for harvesting by library and Archives Canada (LAC) Theses Portal, other Open Archives Initiative (OAI) metadata harvesters, and major search engines such as google Scholar.

If you have questions or concerns about this license, please contact your supervisor or a thesis coordinator in the faculty of Graduate Studies. You can then log writing back in to agree to the terms and make your submission once any queries you have are resolved. Please carefully read this information and click on i accept and Send for review to send your thesis/dissertation to the faculty of Graduate Studies. You have completed your submission. top What Happens Next? Once you send your thesis/dissertation for review, the status of your etd record will change from Open to Under review and you will not be able to make further changes. You will receive a confirmation email letting you know it is being reviewed. If for some reason you realize you have made an error or forgotten to add something, you can email a Thesis coordinator to request that your record be reopened. Please remember to include your student id number in all correspondence After your submission has been reviewed by a thesis coordinator in fgs, you will receive an email notifying you of one of two outcomes: your submission has been approved and will be deposited.

masters dissertation pdf

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Reviewing Details This is an opportunity for you to do a final confirmation that all of the details are accurate and your record is complete. Please make sure that all uploaded files are attached (they will be listed at the bottom of this screen). As always, you can use the navigation bar at the top or arrows in the bottom right corner to go back and update any information. When you are certain that all the information is correct and complete, click on Submit for review at bottom right. top submitting for review The final step in submitting your thesis or dissertation is agreeing to the york University copyright License. By clicking on i accept and Send for review, you are confirming that your thesis/dissertation british is your original work, that your thesis/dissertation does not infringe on any rights summary of others and that you have the right to make the grant conferred by this copyright license. In addition, you are granting a license to york University to make copies, including electronically formatted copies, and/or distribute worldwide all or part of your thesis or dissertation, subject to the conditions outlined. You retain copyright to your thesis/dissertation and may make it available on a personal website and pursue other sources of publication as well.

If you wish to upload a type of file that you do not see on this list, please email Digital Initiatives @ York. Keep in mind that a supplementary file is not an appendix. Regular appendices can be included in the pdf document of your thesis/dissertation. To upload your file, simply click on the "upload supplementary files button. You may upload as many files as necessary, but no single file can exceed 500. If you have a file that exceeds this size, please contact a Thesis coordinator. To upload more than one file, simply click on the upload supplementary files button as many times as necessary. When you have finished uploading all files, click review Details on the bottom right to move to the next screen, or to save and return later to make further updates.

Master, degree, dissertation, examples

masters dissertation pdf

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Uploading Files File format and Naming Convention Before uploading your files, you will need to save your thesis or dissertation as a pdf file (.pdf which must be compatible with Adobe Acrobat version.0 or higher This pdf document should contain the full body. You may upload only one pdf file. Your document must be saved using the following naming convention: replace lastname with your last name and Firstname with your first name. So, for example, if pandemonium Jane Smith completed her PhD in 2014, she would save her documents as Smith_Jane_E_2014_PhD. Pdf The year of copyright refers to the date that appears on the title page of your thesis/dissertation (this is the year you successfully defended).

To upload your file, simply click on the upload primary file button. A box will open giving you the option to choose a file from your computer or a disk, usb key or other source. Once you have chosen the file, click on upload. Supplementary exploring files In addition to the pdf of your thesis or dissertation, you may have supplementary files to add. Supplementary files refer to items that are part of the approved, examined thesis/dissertation that cannot be included in the pdf, such as multimedia, sound, video or hypertext A list of acceptable file formats includes: Documents: Portable document Format (.pdf text (.txt hypertext Markup Language (.html. Htm Open Document Format (.odt. Ods Images: Portable network Graphics format (.png tagged Image file format (.tif jpeg (.jpg data: Commaseparated values (.csv) or other delimited text, Extensible markup Language (.xml video: 810 bit uncompressed avi (.avi audio: Free lossless Audio codec or wave (.flac.

Alternatively, you can click on the Update details button on the bottom right, or on the Update details tab in the navigation bar. Updating Details On the second screen, Update details, youll notice that there are some fields already filled in, and others that you will need to complete. The fields that are already filled in are automatically pulled from your Student Information System (SIS) and Graduate event Module (GEM) records. You cannot edit these fields yourself, so if you notice an error, please contact a thesis coordinator at a Thesis coordinator. In the second section, youll find the following fields for you to complete: Language: Click on the arrow to see the drop down menu. You will be able to select English, French, or Other (a thesis or dissertation normally should be written in English, but approval may be given to write in French or the language of any Aboriginal/First Nations people in North America).

Abstract: Copy and paste your abstract into this field (the abstract must be provided in English regardless of the language of your thesis or dissertation). Please note the maximum number of words allowed (Masters thesis 150 words; doctoral dissertation 350 words). Subjects: Click on the arrow to see the drop down menu. You must select at least one subject that best describes the overall subject of your thesis or dissertation. You have the option of selecting up to two additional secondary subjects from the other drop down menu boxes. Keywords: Enter as many terms or search phrases as you like. Please use a comma to separate each keyword or string of keywords. Tip: the more terms you provide, the more likely it is that users will find your work in their searches. When you are finished updating your details, click save details on the bottom right to move to the next screen, or to save and return later to make further updates.

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To save your work, click on the navigation arrow at the bottom right of your screen. The information you essay have entered will be stored until you log back. As long as the status of your etd record is Open, you can continue to make edits, updates and changes. Only once you have clicked on i accept and send for review on the submit for review tab will your record be closed. If for some reason you need to request that your submission be re-opened (for example if you notice a mistake or forgot to add something please email a Thesis coordinator. Getting nashville Help If youd like more information or instructions for any of the fields you are being asked to fill out, just click on the question mark icon next to the field. If you still have questions, you may wish to contact: top Step by Step Instructions Beginning your Submission On the first screen you will find welcome text, along with the title of your thesis/dissertation and some other information from your student record (such as your. To begin entering your details, click on the title of your thesis/dissertation.

masters dissertation pdf

You will need to ensure it is completed and returned to fgs; Library and Archives Canada Theses NonExclusive license form (.pdf), essays signed and dated; Copies of copyright permissions, if applicable. Once all of the above items have been received, you will receive an email from. Thesis coordinator letting you know that your etd record has been created and inviting you to log in using your. Click on the link provided in the email to take you. Navigating, youll notice that there is a navigation bar across the top of the screen. You can click on any of the tabs to move back and forth through the process. At the bottom right of each screen there are also arrows you can click on to move on to the next step (or move back). You will not lose data by moving back and forth. Stopping During the submission Process, you can stop and save your work at any point in the process, and resume your submission simply by logging back.

Chrome, firefox, safari or Opera. Technical Assistance, instructions for converting your thesis to a pdf file are available on the. Preliminary Steps: Setting up the etd record. An etd record will be set up for you by a staff member in the Office of the dean, faculty of Graduate Studies (FGS). Fgs will need to receive the following before you will be able to access your record: Oral Examination Report (normally provided by the deans representative on your Examining Committee as soon as possible following your defense revisions Approved Memorandum, if applicable (if your thesis/dissertation was. A blank form is usually provided to you by fgs prior to your defense.

Department of biological Sciences, universidade de são paulo, websites. Submitting your thesis/dissertation using York University's Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD) application is a quick and easy process. The instructions below outline the step by step process of using the application. Please refer to the. Thesis, dissertation and Submission guidelines on the faculty of Graduate Studies website for details on the policies and process leading up to the point really of final submission, including formatting and other requirements. To view the york University etd collection, visit the. Faculty of Graduate Studies section on YorkSpace. Table of Contents, getting Started, technical Requirements, technical Assistance. Preliminary Steps, navigating, stopping During the submission Process, getting Help.

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By role, by subject area, summary, my lab masters dissertation work comprised of studying the phylogenetic relationships of different species of harvestmen belonging to the family gonyleptidae (Opiliones). For that I built a phylogeny using only behavioral, ecological, and chemical characters. Recently i've joined. Luke harmon's lab at the University of Idaho as a phD. My main research interests are modern comparative methods and traits evolution, with emphasis in phenotypes under sexual selection and trait modularity. Evolutionary Studies, zoology, work details, phD. Student, university of Idaho.

masters dissertation pdf
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  5. Bio: my masters dissertation work comprised of studying the phylogenetic relationships of different species of harvestmen belonging to the family gonyleptidae (Opiliones). Revisions Approved Memorandum, if applicable (if your thesis/ dissertation was approved with specified revisions). If you are asked to make changes to your. Pdf thesis/ dissertation document, simply replace the.

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