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optional homework

Should homework be optional?

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optional homework

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optional homework

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Homework is a vital and valuable part of education. There are only a few hours in each demo school day not enough time to cover properly all the subjects children need to study. Setting homework extends study beyond school hours, allowing a wider and deeper education. It also makes the best use of teachers, who can spend lesson time teaching rather than just supervising individual work that could be done at home. Tasks such as reading, writing essays, researching, doing maths problems, etc. Are best done at home, away from the distractions of other students.

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I don't know why some people can manage without it and others can't. It's something that seems to differ from individual to individual. The best I can formulate is that there's seems to be a general maturity and personal difference between the high-school and college level. People generally go to college to further their education, whereas everyone has to go to high school. Therefore college students may be more apt to pursue self-studying compared to high school students. College classes cost money and you signed up/want to be in that class?

Other than reading every night, homework is optional. We will weekly update you with activities and assignments that you may choose to do at home with your student. If the work is confusing or difficult please email or come talk to us about it - we would love to help. Homework has little educational worth and adds nothing to the time spent in school. Some schools and some countries dont bother with homework at all, and their results do not seem to suffer from. Studies show that homework adds nothing to standardised test scores for primary/ elementary pupils. International comparisons of older students have found no positive relationship between the amount of homework set and average test scores. If anything, countries with more homework got worse results!

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So, i feel it's not only dependent on the person - but the subject as well. Anyway, my high school Chemistry teacher wanted to do her best to prepare kids for great the college lifestyle. So, for her ap chemistry class one year, she made homework optional. She said it was friendship the worst decision she ever made. The first test scores were abysmal. Thankfully, she quickly recognized the problem and made homework required again. She claimed it was mostly experimental, but she realized how much homework can improve learning and understanding. I also think that there is an important difference between homework and "busywork". Homework is a way for students to be guided through class concepts.

optional homework

Link to this page, link to m start page, paste link in email or IM: m logo no image. Episkey, 10:06 pm, since i want to be a teacher, homework is kindergarten something i've thought about before. I can say that in college, the about of assigned homework is greatly reduced - your grades are more so dependent on tests and projects. While i like the whole less homework system, since it allows for more free time and flexibility, i still think homework is necessary at the high school grade level. It's funny because i was talking to my high School Chemistry teacher one day and the topic of homework came. I almost never did my Chemistry homework, but I did really well on her tests. I regret now not doing more of her homework, but some people simply don't need it to study/learn. I tend to be that kind of person, in most subjects.

Writing, math and Spanish skills, creating the all important School to home connection. Have a great time working with your child! Below are the homework packets organized by date that correspond to our weekly curriculum posted on the parent board in your childs classroom. You can download the pdf files and print out at home. April 30-may 4, may 7-11, may 14-18, may 21-25 (last one of the year!). April 2-6, april 9-13, april 16-20, april 23-27. Link to and share "Best Online courses in English in usa 2018".

Nevertheless, on the other hand, every person has a right to choose. Often, teachers themselves don't know what's best for each student. It is thus best for the student to plan their own extra study work. Another point that can be stated is that every student deserves to have free time and plan their activities accordingly. In reality, i find that homework must be a vital part of education, as every student needs a bit of discipline from the teacher. All things considered, it seems reasonable to state that the freedom of choice is vital for every person. However, students often need discipline and a strict plan of study.


Making, homework, optional, is the way to go!

Some students believe that homework should be optional. Everyone should aim to always learn more. Nowadays, there are students, who prefer to do homework because they think that exercises at home are very beneficial. Although, there are those, who dont see the point in studying in their personal time. As far as i am concerned, first of all, homework is an inevitable part of education, report as we never cease to learn about new things. In addition, if we don't understand something at school, it can always be learnt in our free time by ourselves. Third of all, there is a big chance, that the time we don't spend on learning will be spent on wasteful activities.

optional homework
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  4. Homework should be optional. If a student is struggling they can choose to do homework, but if they arent struggling they dont need to waste their. Some of these think that doing homework is important thing in education, at the same time other students believe that it is take a lot of their own.

  5. If you decide to participate in the homework program, we ask that the packets be returned each Friday to your. Some students believe that homework should be optional. Everyone should aim to always learn more.

  6. Other than reading every night, homework is optional. We will weekly update you with activities and assignments that you may choose to do at home with., interactive lessons Flexible class timings Recorded lessons and optional homework, certificate of Achievement aligned to the cefr english levels. Homework is optional and should be fun!

  7. So, for her ap chemistry class one year, she made homework optional. She said it was the worst decision she ever made. The word "watch" does not mean that it is optional homework part. You have to study each video tutorials, meaning watch and practice at the same time.

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