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Some people may argue that teaching children to deal with indecencies may shield them better and essay prepare them for the real world. And that the rights of free speak should never be violated. Yet that does the not mean that we can do nothing about the existing and possibly occurring problems on net; government censorship is still necessary at this point of time and may have to go on for a certain period of time. In order to make sure desirable results can be seen, what seems to be necessary is the corporation and communication between the government and Internet surfers. General guidelines of censorship can be discussed and decided with efforts of both parties to reach a compromise. Feedback sites and forums can be set up to serve such purposes online. Eventually, the issue of Internet censorship is always controversial as the interests and concerns of different persons can never be the same as others; it can only be eased with internet surfers carrying out their social responsibilities. I think for government to step into the problem currently and help censor the accessibility of certain websites containing things such as adult materials is a modest measurement of control over Internet. You can order a custom essay, term paper, research paper, thesis or dissertation. Internet Censorship topics at our professional custom essay writing service which provides students with custom papers written by highly qualified academic writers.

As a result, only the government has the power to take such actions so as to ensure the Internet is life not over polluted by indecent garbage. However, it is very difficult to take modest steps in this sensitive issue of Internet censorship. Some people may say that certain information on the net, which might be viewed as obscene or indecent, are actually useful and helpful to people who are mature enough. This includes those obtained from adult sites. Though young people are not ready to get access to such information that may lead to their moral decay, mature adults certainly do not encounter the same problem. However they may be banned from acquire what they need from the net due to the possible existence of government censorship. Moreover, as community standards vary from community to community, it is not possible to find a guideline for the decisions of what is acceptable to be made upon; neither is it easy to be implemented. Furthermore, nobody is able to take full responsibility on such issues.

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What draws even more eksempel concerns of ours is of the children. We all know that children can easily be scarred and manipulated by all kinds of information. Parents can have some control over which books their children read as they can easily tell what the books are about; they do not have worry that their children will turn a paperwork page and be confronted with obscenities or other forms of indecency. While with the Internet, there is a whole different scenario. Anyone can flick a page and be presented with porn, denigration, discrimination, fraud and misinformation. As parenting is not only about chaining a child to a parental censor but about creating a safe environment for children to grow up in at the same time, an uncensored Internet is apparently not a safe environment for children. Due to the above reasons, it is my opinion that the flow of information should be filtered from anything that contradicts any of the abovementioned reasonable purposes. This includes filtering indecent expressions and obscene materials from access to the Internet.

Pornography and hate literature are commonly used to lure Internet surfers attention and to generate profits. Representing the rights of the public and the power of a country while owning and operating the Internet, the government has the absolute responsibility to censor the internet so as to protect its own citizens from harmful and false information, thus in order to prevent. Internet censorship should be carefully measured to ensure the freedom of speaking of people. Since the invention of arpanet in 1962 by the department of Defenses Advanced Research Project Agency in United States, Internet has developed tremendously during the past half century with the improvement in modern technology with government sponsoring the researching program. It had formerly been made only for military and research purposes, where in 1974, the general public gets its first vague hint of how networked computers can be used in daily life as the commercial version of the arpanet goes online. Hence it is quite obvious that without the financial investment and political support from the government, Internet, being such a new technological invention at that time would never achieve as great a success as what it has achieved by today; it is apparently wrong. As a result, being counted as partially a property of the government, Internet should absolutely under governments control. Besides to exchange information and knowledge and to facilitate communication, the most important role of Internet is to enrich people intellectually. This requires a clean and abundant source of information on the cyberspace that is provided to the public; it should be apparently free of indecency and obscenity that may cause any social problems, which eventually attributes to the decay of moral values.

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We have long known that younger employees are not necessarily more capable or more creative than their older colleagues. This for is where a far-sighted human resources policy comes in with working models that take age into account. Health promotion in the workplace, too, must start with young employees, so that as many as possible reach retirement age in good health. The silver age has already begun, and industry and society are well advised to adapt quickly and for the long run. It is our responsibility to preserve and benefit from the experience of the older generation.

Hans-jörg bullinger 67, has been president of fraunhofer-gesellschaft since 2002. With more than 80 research facilities located in Germany alone, fraunhofer is the largest organization for applied research in Europe. Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft employs more than 18,000 people world-wide; a large majority have qualifications in the natural sciences or in engineering. The annual research budget amounts to around.7 billion. Nowadays, Internet is commonly regarded as the most widely eye used source and the fastest way to exchange information and knowledge all over the world. However, the freedom and democracy on Internet, being one of its greatest beauties and drawing features, is apparently abused by the population online.

And for those people who find it necessary to have the Internet only as a reverence tool in their home that exact same software that protected the supreme court judges from those dirt web site is available to the public at slight cost. It just amazes me how stupid people can actually be sometimes for example: If you don t trust your child on the internet either sit there with them or get rid of it but just don t point fingers at someone else because you were. The global population is growing constantly and is getting younger and younger on average. But not everywhere industrial nations such as Germany, japan and Italy are shrinking and average ages in these countries are going. By the year 2050, the number of working-age people in Germany is projected to fall by around ten million to approximately 30 million, while the number of retirees will increase dramatically. This demographic trend will see a need for social and economic change.

We will have to rethink our healthcare and social welfare systems. Far-reaching reforms will be unavoidable. At the same time, companies must boost their productivity and become more innovative with an increasingly older workforce. This also affects the german automotive industry, where every fourth employee is already over. And in ten years, it will be every second employee. The automotive market is also changing, because the silver generation is making new demands on its cars and has a different definition of mobility. In an aging society, it is essential that we retain the skills of employees for as long as possible and use the knowledge of the older workforce as effectively as we can. We can do this using intelligent working models that are more closely tailored to the capabilities and commitment of individual workers than at present.

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Which keep in mind was written and passed by net illiterate government officials who knew nothing about the internet but only knew that literature porn in that hands of a child was bad (350). It seems that anymore when ever there is a discussion of this magnitude it always has to be one of the opposing side s way or nothing at all. When the communications Decency Act went on to the supreme court the three federal judges were given a crash course on the Internet summary and shown how accessible this vulgar material actually is and through those judges findings it was shown how the public could install. It was also seen that any offensive material view by children was to be addressed by the parents (350). This ruling seemed to fuel the censorship favoring groups even more. Never the less the supreme court ruled in favor of keeping the Internet a free speech zone Stating that communication over the internet does not invade an individuals home or appear on ones computer screen unbidden (350). Which I feel is absolutely true; people who don t want to run the risk of having their child look at pornography while unattended don t have to have the Internet.

When you place your purchase with us, you will end up entitling for the pursuing characteristics. Paper, first Amendment rights for Net users: The Internet can be credited for being the greatest invention of the twentieth century. Along with this marvelous invention comes great controversy should the Internet. Granted that the Internet is seen a vast array of pornography and explicit material it is also one of the greatest communications learning and reference tools ever created by man. This double edged sword better known as the Internet has caused a feud between family value groups and their counterparts who are hell bent on free speech. It seems that most of the focus in the heated debates are pertaining to young children and how accessible pornography is to them. As mike russel stated in Joshua quittner s article. Free speech for the net Were talking about material going into the hands of young people whose lives can be permanently altered (Quittner 350). Steps to combat this dilemma have gotten off of the ground only to fail for example President Clinton s Communications Decency Act (349).

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Internet, piracy, essay, research Paper In this day and age where technology is rampant and advance, it is critical that we comprehend the possibilities that such technology has, no matter. Consent issues become more complex when dealing with individuals under the age of sixteen. Essay on Children and young peoples Workforce.

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