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thesis diabetes

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It was also the first time governmental change had been the result of a free election with substantial popular participation. 2 With the exception of the promise to end the war, Chamorro did not present a political platform. Uno had been unable to agree on specifics, as its membership ranged from the far left to the far right, making their plan one of running against whatever the sandinistas were for. Social scientists who analyzed the elections, concluded that the results were rational in the context that ending the war would also end the psychological threat that the us, which had recently invaded Panama and had been heavily involved in Nicaragua, might invade the country. 46 Sandinistan analysts confirmed these findings, determining that they had lost touch with what their constituency wanted. Marvin Ortega, who had conducted polls prior to the election, conceded that voters did not vote "with their stomachs even though the economic situation was dire, but voted against war and the repression of their liberties. 25 The Chamorro years initiated a period of significant economic and social decline for Nicaragua.

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Note 1 Because the election was held in the midst of a civil war, it was important both domestically and internationally that the vote was seen to be legitimate. The Esquipulas peace Agreement which had been brokered by Arias, called for monitoring of elections by the Organization of American States and the United Nations, among other provisions. The election was the most strictly monitored of any in Latin America and involved 2,578 international observers among them former us president Jimmy carter; raul Alfonsín, former President of Argentina; Alfonso lópez michelsen, former President of Colombia; Rodrigo carazo student odio, former President of Costa rica. 39 Ortega and his supporters conceded defeat without argument and observers left only a skeleton staff to assist with the transition of power. 40 In the resulting February 1990 elections, violeta Chamorro and her party the uno won an plkn upset victory of 55 to 41 over Daniel Ortega, 41 even though polls leading up to the election had clearly indicated an fsln victory. 42 Possible explanations include that the nicaraguan people were disenchanted with the Ortega government as well as the fact that already in november 1989, the White house had announced that the economic embargo against Nicaragua would continue unless violeta Chamorro won. 43 Also, there had been reports of intimidation from the side of the contras, 44 with a canadian observer mission claiming that 42 people were killed by the contras in "election violence" in October 1989. 45 This led many commentators to assume that Nicaraguans voted against the sandinistas out of fear of a continuation of the contra war and economic deprivation. 42 Presidency edit Two months after the election, on, chamorro was sworn into office. The ceremony, held at the rigoberto lópez pérez stadium before a crowd of some 20,000, marked the first time in more than five decades that a sitting government had peacefully surrendered power to the opposition.

In addition, the cia covertly paid close to 500,000 (USD) to nearly a hundred Nicaraguans living abroad so they would return home to vote. The aid package ran into difficulties though: one month before the elections, only 400,000 of the money had been sent and it was deposited in accordance with Nicaraguan law into an account at the government-run Central Bank. 31 The vehicles which were provided for in the aid package arrived in Nicaragua, but due to the customs director's vacation, the vehicles were not cleared, nor were tags issued for their use. 32 Three weeks before the election, uno officials reportedly had received only around 250,000 dollars and accused Ortega's administration of delaying tactics and taking a share off the top. The government countered that the history of the IranContra affair was a basis for caution and that the us itself was creating delays. Since the United States invasion of Panama had frozen Panamanian fruit currency, a spokesperson for the central Bank of Nicaragua stated that the Ortega Administration had no access to their funds which were deposited in Panamanian banks., nicaragua had lived with forty years of the somoza. 34 On 25 February 1990, Chamorro won the election with.7 share of the vote, ousting the incumbent Ortega 35 and becoming the first elected woman president in the Americas.

thesis diabetes

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Chamorro's faith and support for free expression united those who had felt alienated by the sandinistas. 25 Her chief appeal though was that she promised peace to a country tired of war. 2 27 Ortega spent large sums of money, 20 and strutted around like a "macho rooster as if the election were already won; he even used a fighting rooster as the symbol of his campaign. The United States government was convinced Chamorro could not win without measures to "level the field". Bush administration wanted Congress to waive the prohibition of using National Endowment for Democracy funds to support a candidate and to approve a 9 million aid plan in addition to granting 3 essay million outright in assistance to uno. Congress refused, as direct aid to candidates or parties was prohibited by law. Congress finally agreed to the 9 million package, only as per the legal requirements—meaning funds could only be proposal used for election monitoring and observers, drives to increase voter turnout and must be fully disclosed. These funds were earmarked for building voting infrastructure, for vehicles and gasoline, salaries, poll watchers, office equipment, trips abroad to train poll workers and those registering voters, 30 election monitoring teams, and as per the provision of foreign donations, 2 million was paid into the.

Her platform primarily consisted of two key promises: ending the civil war and ending mandatory military service. 2 It also played heavily on her simplicity, her faith, common sense, and the image of her being the "queen-mother" and the wife of a martyr. 2 Almost all news outlets reported that Chamorro could not win. 20 She was depicted as rich with no real experience. There were rumors that she received millions from the United States via their embassy and that she was a us lackey; 21 that she was too religious; and that her coalition was too disorganized, had no money, and was plagued by in-fighting. 20 In reality, her humility and provincial roots worked for her; she had run a family, a business and been part of the original Junta; 10 the sandinistas blocked payment of funds to her from the us while simultaneously claiming she received them; 22 and. According to peruvian novelist Mario vargas Llosa ; Humberto belli, an editor of la prensa and later Minister of Education; and other writers such as Edward Sheehan and Shirley christian who have written about the country, nicaragua is one of the most religious countries.

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thesis diabetes

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In others, while the sandinistas did increase their ties with the soviet bloc and embraced Marxist philosophy, they announced a non-alignment policy and continued discussions on diplomatic, economic, business and military relationships with the United States. In March 1980, fsln signed several accords with the soviet Union causing the us president, jimmy carter, who had initially authorized aid to the sandinista government, to approve cia support for the opposition forces. On, chamorro resigned from the junta 10 in opposition to the sandinista's push for control, implementation of a cuban interpretation of Marx, and failure to keep the commitments made in Puntarenas, costa rica for establishment of a democracy. 10 Her exit prompted other members of the junta to resign and join opposition groups that were beginning to form. She returned to her role as editor of la prensa, driving it to become both an advocate of free speech and opposition thought. Her support of the contras caused divisions in her own family and resulted in la prensa 's offices being temporarily shut down on several occasions. 10 In 1986, President Ortega even threatened her personally with a thirty-year prison sentence for treason.

That same year, she won the louis lyons Award from the nieman foundation at Harvard University ; the award citation said that she had "resisted repression and censorship" and remained dedicated to a free press despite threats, redactions and suppression by the government., a conglomerate. 2 by 1989, efforts by costa rican President Óscar Arias and other Central American leaders had persuaded Ortega to hold elections. He agreed not only to free elections, but to the monitoring of the process. The conglomerate of opposition, now calling itself the national Opposition Union ( Spanish : Unión Nacional Opositora, uno) agreed upon a formula to select a consensus candidate. After five rounds of voting, 2 Chamorro was appointed the presidential candidate for uno.

Chamorro's earnings from a rental property that her mother had given her gave the couple a steady income. When her husband was assassinated on, she took over control of the newspaper. Over the years, Chamorro's family has been split into feuding factions based upon political association. Two of her children, pedro and Cristiana, worked at la prensa, although Pedro left Nicaragua in 1984 to join the contras. Her other children were active sandinistas; Claudia was ambassador to costa rica and Carlos became the editor of the fsln daily newspaper Barricada. In spite of the conflicting political views of her children, Chamorro encouraged and hosted family dinners during which she insisted political affiliations were temporarily put aside in the interest of family harmony.

Rise to power edit The assassination of Chamorro's husband sparked the sandinista revolution. His image became a symbol of their cause and when Daniel Ortega led the sandinista guerrillas triumphantly into managua in July 1979, Chamorro was with them. A coalition to replace the somoza regime was formed. Chamorro, represented the democratic Union of Liberation ( Spanish : Unión Democrática de liberación, udel) in the first Junta of National Reconstruction ( Spanish : Junta de gobierno de reconstrucción Nacional, jgrn which also included Ortega for the sandinista national Liberation Front ( Spanish. 10 This directorate, which initially promised an independent judiciary, free elections, free enterprise and a free press, was assisted by an 18-member Cabinet and a 33-member council, whose membership represented a broad spectrum of Nicaraguan society. After the civil war of and last-minute transferring of the national treasury to foreign banks by the somoza regime, the country was devastated and it was believed that a marxist -style government would restore prosperity; however, the sandinistas soon began taking over television and radio. Following the lead of the sandinista's mentor Fidel Castro, cuban-style marxism was implemented and Nicaragua increasingly took on the traits of a police state, in some respects.

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She met Pedro joaquín Chamorro cardenal in 1949, they married in December 1950; subsequently, they had five children together. In 1952, on his father's death, Chamorro's husband inherited the newspaper la prensa. He took over publishing and under his direction, the paper became a voice of opposition to the somoza regime. Chamorro cardenal was frequently jailed between 19 for the content of the paper and in 1957 led a revolt against Somoza. His actions resulted in his exile to costa rica, where Chamorro joined him after settling their children with his mother. Two years were spent in Costa rica, with Pedro writing against the regime and immediately upon their return he was jailed again. Chamorro's life throughout the 1960s and 1970s writing was a repetitive cycle of reunions with either her husband or children. She followed him; if he was forced to leave, she left the children with family and traveled to be with him; if he was jailed, she was reunited with the children and visited him.

thesis diabetes

The years of violeta Chamorro initiate a period of significant economic and social decline business for Nicaragua. From 1990 to 2001, the country fell from 60th to 116th in the world in terms of human development, and has become the poorest in the Americas after haiti, according to United Nations development Programme. Citation needed After leaving office on, chamorro worked on several international peace initiatives until poor health forced her to retire from public life. Contents Early life edit violeta barrios Torres was born on in rivas, a small city near the nicaraguan border with Costa rica, to carlos José barrios Sacasa and Amalia torres Hurtado. 2 Her family was wealthy and conservative, and although she has often been claimed by reporters such as Richard boudreaux of The los Angeles Times, garrick Utley of nbc, stephen Kinzer of The new York times, lee hockstader of The washington Post, and other papers. They were more akin to the cattle barons of the western United States, than the "Nicaraguan Gloria vanderbilt she was sometimes styled as in the American press. She attended primary school at the sagrado corazón de jesús (Sacred heart of Jesus) school in rivas and the French school in Granada. Barrios began her secondary education at the colegio la inmaculada in Managua 2 and then transferred to an American boarding school, as her parents wanted her to perfect her English. She first attended Our Lady of the lake catholic High School for Girls in San Antonio, texas, and then in 1945 changed to Blackstone college for Girls in Virginia., her father was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and though he died before she could make.

direction, la prensa continued to criticize the government and its policies despite threats and government-forced shutdowns. Daniel Ortega announced that elections would be held in 1990, Chamorro was selected as the candidate for the opposition group known as the. National Opposition Union ( Spanish : Unión Nacional Opositora, uno). This 14-party alliance ranged from conservatives and liberals to communists and because of idealistic differences had difficulty in devising any political platform other than a promise to end the war. Despite polls indicating a victory for the incumbent Sandinista President Ortega, chamorro won the election on 25 February 1990, becoming the first elected female head of state in the Americas. When Chamorro was sworn into office on, it was the first time in more than five decades that a peaceful transition of power had occurred in Nicaragua and the first time that one elected president had given way to another. She inherited a hyperinflated, war-torn economy, but she was able to end the war and establish a lasting peace. Chamorro's leadership covered six difficult years marked by economic strife and social unrest, but she was able to compromise with rivals, maintain a constitutional regime, re-establish international banking relationships and end the hyperinflation that had plagued the country for several years.

After returning to her home country, she married and raised a family. Her husband, pedro joaquín Chamorro cardenal, was a journalist working at his family's newspaper, la prensa, which he later inherited. As a result of his anti-government stance, he was often jailed or exiled, forcing Chamorro to spend a decade following him abroad or visiting him in jail. When he was assassinated in 1978, Chamorro took over the newspaper. Pedro's murder strengthened the nicaraguan revolution and his image, as wielded by his widow, became a powerful symbol for the opposition forces. Sandinistas were victorious over, anastasio somoza debayle, chamorro fully supported them. She agreed to become part of the provisional government established desk under the.

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This name uses, spanish naming customs : The first or paternal family name is, barrios, the second or maternal family name. Torres and the marital name is, chamorro. Violeta Chamorro (Spanish pronunciation: bjoleta tʃamoro ; professional born ) is a nicaraguan politician, former president and publisher, known for ending the, contra war, the final chapter of the. Nicaraguan revolution, and bringing peace to the country. She was the first and, to date, only woman to hold the position of president in Nicaragua. Born into a landed family in southern. Nicaragua, chamorro was partially educated in the United States.

thesis diabetes
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