Snail farming business plan

Snail, farming, business plan in Nigeria

snail farming business plan

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For example, one of the causes of all four of the environmental problems is that of poorly regulated coastal development. The six coastal countries all agree with the ecology tenet underlying integrated coastal zone management,. That coastal development should take account of marine ecology, conservation and biodiversity, but the underlying institutional structures vary considerably between countries. There are many examples where money has spoken louder than words. A review of planned and proposed capital investments on pollution point sources identified from the 1996 tda has shown disappointing results. Of the 50 investments initially identified, only 12 have been completed and 2 are no longer required.

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Those habitats most at risk include the neritic water column, coastal lagoons, estuaries/deltas and wetlands/saltmarshes. The invasion of biography Mnemiopsis leidyi (a comb jelly) contributed to a catastrophic decline in fish productivity in the late 1980s/early 1990s. The subsequent invasion of another comb jelly ( Beroe ovata which feeds on the original invader, means that opinions are now split as to whether Mnemiopsis still has a major impact on fish communities and catches. Between 19total of 48 new alien species were recorded, which represents over 22 of all registered aliens. The majority belong to phytoplankton (16) and zoobenthos (15 followed by zooplankton (8 fish (5 macroalgae (3) and mammals (1). This increase in invasive aliens suggests a serious impact on the Black sea native biological diversity, with negative consequences for human activities and economic interests. Many of the immediate, underlying and root causes of individual transboundary problems are shared with other problems. In particular, the causal chain analyses for nutrient enrichment and chemical pollution are very similar, since the majority of sources of chemical pollution are also sources of nutrients. For biodiversity, the failure to adequately treat ship ballast water is regarded as being an important cause of the problem, and for changes in commercial marine living resources the other three transboundary problems are clearly contributory factors. It is clear, therefore that the four transboundary problems cannot be dealt with individually. Improvements in management of one problem will have knock-on effects for other problems, and addressing individual causes is likely to improve the situation with regard to at least two, if not more, of the four transboundary problems.

This presents two types of problem: (i) localised chronic pollution stemming from frequent but minor releases of oil; and (ii) acute pollution resulting from major oils spills. Remote sensing data show that the majority of oil spills occur along british major shipping routes, suggesting that shipping, rather than land-based oil installations have been the principal cause of concern. However, a single large spill from ships, platforms or land-based oil installations could severely impact biota and the economies of all coastal countries. Formerly dead areas of the nw shelf bed are once again colonised by biota, with evidence of biodiversity continuing to increase. The once massive area dominated by zernovs Phyllophora (a red seaweed) field has decreased hugely in area over the last few decades, having been replaced by other, opportunistic macroalgae. However, there are encouraging signs that in recent years this decline has either slowed down and recovery may actually be beginning at some sites. However, during the last two decades, the area covered by eelgrass ( Zostera ) has decreased tenfold in shallow waters. Further, all coastal margin habitats are considered to be in a critical status in at least one country; both types of pelagic habitat (neritic and open sea) are considered critical in at least one country; and 13 of 37 types of benthic habitat are considered.

snail farming business plan

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The seafood industry is a major coastal employer, particularly for some countries. Aquaculture is not strongly resume really developed in the region and there is scope for this to be expanded, providing environmental considerations are taken into account. An assessment of pollutant loads from river and large direct municipal/industrial discharges was made. However, the pollution loads data are very incomplete, bod5 being the only parameter (apart from nutrients) that is routinely monitored from major point sources and rivers. Relatively high contamination levels of some pesticides, heavy metals and pcbs are present at specific sites in the Black sea, with illegal dumping/discharges (particularly of agrochemicals) being recognised as a particular problem. The historically poor enforcement of discharge standards and a failure to consider the sea itself as a receiving water body for discharges to river are considered to be the principal reasons underlying the pollution status of the sea. A huge increase in the volume of oil being transported across the Black sea and oil/gas extraction from beneath the sea itself have greatly increased the risk of oil pollution.

Total fish landings are now about half of what they were in the latter half of the 1980s. Commercially important marine living resources have been greatly affected by alien species introductions, eutrophication, over-fishing and habitats change/damage. Annual total fish catch statistics show an improving situation, but these figures are dominated by catches of anchovy and sprat. There have been recent improvements in catches of some other fish, such as bonito, but turbot, dogfish and whiting catches have either shown no improvement or have fallen over the past decade-or-so. Unsustainable fishing practices are still in relatively common use. The importance of Rapana, the japanese Snail has increased and has helped to off-set the decline in mussel and clam landings (the decline being due, in large part, to predation by rapana anyway). The contribution of illegal fishing activities to damage/change of marine living resources is not clearly understood, but there a general acceptance that this is a causative factor.

Snail, farm, business, plan - how to write your, farm, business, plan

snail farming business plan

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Direct discharges from large municipal/industrial plants to the sea are equivalent to only small proportion of allegory nutrients discharged to the sea via rivers, of which the danube is by far the most important. Available information also suggests that atmospheric deposition of nitrogen to the sea may be of a similar order of magnitude to river loads, but there is considerable uncertainty over the data used, with a clear need for updating and harmonisation of monitoring protocols. Based on the data reported by the Black sea coastal states and the results presented in the 2007 Black sea tda, it is suggested that more than 80 of the river-borne inorganic nitrogen load and around 50 of the river-borne phosphate load enters the sea. However, the danube has by far the most rigorous nutrient loads monitoring programme of all rivers, and it is likely that nutrient loads from other rivers are under-estimated by comparison. The importance of freshwater nutrient inflows to the sea of azov could not be estimated because of a lack of data for the kerch Strait. Between 19 there has been no evidence of a change in river-borne din loads to the sea, albeit with a moderate (15) decrease in river-borne po4-P loads over the same period. However, the level of confidence associated with the po4-P load decrease is very low, due to the large inter-annual variability.

Considering that the danube is such a major pathway of nutrient input to the Black sea and that phosphorus emissions to the danube are estimated to have fallen by approaching 2000, and nitrogen emissions by about 2000, this may appear to be disappointing. However, reductions in nutrient loads/concentrations in the upper and middle reaches of the danube have been observed since 2000, and these improvements are expected to continue downstream in future years. Due to over fishing in the early 1970s-1980s, the structure of catches has shifted significantly. Declining stocks of predatory species such as bonito, horse mackerel and bluefish resulted in an increase in non-predatory species such as anchovy and sprat. Consequently, fishing fleets have increasingly targeted these smaller species, urban resulting in increased by-catches of larger, less abundant fish species.

Use of Sustainable Agriculture including the use of good Agricultural Practices (GAP) shall be promoted in order to replace or phase-out unsustainable agricultural practices. Development planning and environmental planning processes should be integrated to the maximum extent. The use of economic instruments that foster sustainable development shall be promoted through, inter alia, the implementation of economic incentives for introducing environmentally friendly technologies, activities and practices; the phasing-out of subsidies which encourage the continuation of non-environmentally friendly technologies, activities and practices; and the. The principle of accessibility of information shall be applied, such that information on the pollution of the environment of the Black sea held by a littoral state shall be provided by that state to all littoral states, where relevant and in the maximum possible amount. The principles of public participation and transparency shall be applied, such that all stakeholders, including communities, individuals and concerned organizations shall be given the opportunity to participate, at the appropriate level, in decision-making and management processes that affect the Black sea. This includes providing access to information concerning the environment that is held by public authorities, together with effective access to judicial and administrative proceedings to enable all stakeholders to exercise their rights effectively.

Public authorities shall widely disseminate information on the work proposed and undertaken to monitor, protect and improve the state of Black sea. The vision for the Black sea is to preserve its ecosystem as a valuable natural endowment of the region, whilst ensuring the protection of its marine and coastal living resources as a condition for sustainable development of the Black sea coastal states, well-being, health and. The Black sea tda-2007 reconfirmed four priority transboundary problems expressed in the bs sap 1996, amended 2002. . These are: eutrophication/nutrient enrichment; changes in marine living resources; chemical pollution (including oil and biodiversity/habitat changes, including alien species introduction. The identified priorities are outlined below, together with the hotspots, and legal and institutional analyses. This decrease in the importance of agriculture as an economic powerhouse of the region has been clearly shown by decreasing trends in livestock numbers and a shift from major livestock farms to smaller-scale or subsistence-level farming. Livestock numbers (excluding poultry) in 2004 were about two-thirds of those present 1997, and about one-third of the numbers recorded in 1998. Inorganic fertiliser application rates also appear to have fallen substantially, with large areas of land (in some countries at least) left fallow. However, indicators suggest that this decline in agricultural productivity may have bottomed-out, so a gradual re-intensification of agricultural practices may begin in the near future.

Snail, farming, business, in Nigeria

The states have considered and taken into account, where appropriate, the following principles and values when developing this document. The empire principle of empire sustainability shall be applied such that there is a prudent and rational utilization of living resources and the preservation of the rights of future generations to a viable environment. The precautionary principle shall be applied, such that measures shall be taken when there are reasonable grounds for concern that any activity may increase the potential hazards to human health, harm living resources or ecosystems, damage amenities, or interfere with other legitimate uses of the. The polluter pays principle shall be applied, such that the cost of preventing and eliminating pollution, including clean-up costs, shall be paid by the polluter. The principle of anticipatory action shall be applied, such that contingency planning, environmental impact assessment and strategic impact assessment (involving the assessment of the environmental and social consequences of governmental policies, programmes and plans) shall be undertaken in the future development in the region. The principle of preventative action shall be applied, such that timely action shall be taken to alert the responsible and relevant authorities of likely impacts and to address the actual or potential causes of adverse impacts on the environment, before they occur. Environmental and health considerations shall be included into all relevant policies and sectoral plans and programmes, including, inter alia, urban planning, industrial development, fisheries, aquaculture and tourism. Use of clean technology shall be promoted when replacing or phasing-out high waste and waste-generating technologies, including the use of bat and bep.

snail farming business plan

The process of elaboration of the sap was characterized by the participation and commitment of the main social stakeholders and key institutions of the Black sea countries. 1.3, black sea regional cooperation framework, the Black sea commission is the regional cooperation framework, made up of with one member from each of the six national governments. The Black sea coastal states entrusted a coordinating role for the implementation of the bsasp to the Black sea commission supported in its activity for implementation of the work program of the Black sea commission by its Permanent Secretariat. In order to achieve, the purposes of this sap, the commission will cooperate with competent international organisations, especially with a view to developing appropriate programs or obtaining assistance. The geographical scope of the convention on the Protection of the Black sea against Pollution is applied to the Black sea proper, with the southern boundary constituted, for the purposes of this Convention, by a line running between Capes Kelagra and Dalyan. In addition the sap will cover pollution sources from coastal area. In addition, Black sea coastal states shall make effort to implement relevant provisions of the sap at the Black sea basin level. The Black sea coastal States share a common desire for the sustainable management of the natural resources and biodiversity of the Black sea and recognize their role and responsibility in conserving the global value html of these resources.

region which established specific targets and timetables for implementing the objectives of the 1992 Bucharest Convention. However, it was an overly ambitious document and very few of the targets were accomplished on time. Furthermore, the 1996 bs sap also suffered from problems of enforcement of national environmental laws and legislation, and the lack of a regional mechanism to ensure compliance with different policy actions. An amendment in 2002 (the 2002 Sofia ministerial Declaration) aimed to resolve some of these issues and reconfirm commitments of the Black sea coastal states to implement the bs sap. The 2009 bs sap has been formulated through careful consideration of inter alia the 1996 sap, the 2007 bs tda and the 2007 bs sap gap Analysis. It aims to help resolve the transboundary environmental problems of the Black sea and is a joint effort between the six Black sea countries. The sap was elaborated from consensus reached at a multinational level in relation to a series of proposals that include: Ecosystem quality Objectives (EcoQOs short, medium and long term targets; and legal and institutional reforms and investments necessary to solve main environmental problems identified within.

It is almost cut off from the rest of the worlds seas, is over 2200 m deep and receives the drainage from.9 million km2 basin covering about one third of the area of continental Europe. Its only connection to the worlds oceans is through the Istanbul Strait, a 35 km natural channel, eksempel as little as 40 m deep in places. This channel has a two layer flow, carrying about 300 km3 of seawater to the Black sea from the mediterranean along the bottom layer and returning a mixture of seawater and freshwater with twice this volume in the upper layer. Every year, about 350 km3 of river water enters the Black sea from land in over twenty countries: Albania, austria, belarus, bosnia and Herzegovina, bulgaria, croatia, czech Republic, georgia, germany, hungary, italy, macedonia, moldova, montenegro, poland, romania, the russian Federation, serbia, slovakia, slovenia, switzerland, turkey. Europes second, third, fourth and sixth largest rivers the danube, dnipro, don (indirectly via the sea of azov) and Dniester all flow to the Black sea. The signing of the convention on the Protection of the Black sea against Pollution (Bucharest Convention) in 1992, followed closely by the first Black sea ministerial Declaration (the Odessa declaration) in 1993 inspired the gef, to support the region in implementing the Odessa declaration and. Following the signature of the bs sap, gef funding was sustained in order to enable countries to complete national Black sea strategic Action Plans and for the negotiations on the institutionalisation of the Istanbul Commissions Secretariat to be completed.

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Adopted in Sofia, bulgaria, desiring to rehabilitate and protect the Black sea, the governments of: Bulgaria, georgia, romania, the russian Federation, turkey, and. Ukraine, recalling the provisions and the principles of the convention on the Protection of the Black sea against Pollution, together with its constituent Protocols, signed in Bucharest on ; Also recalling that the preparation of the strategic report action plan was called for. Resolution 3, adopted at the diplomatic Conference on the Protection of the Black sea, bucharest, April 21-22, 1992; Noting also the declaration on the Protection of the Black sea signed in Odessa on the declaration on the Protection of the Black sea signed in Sofia. This document represents an agreement between the six Black sea coastal states (Bulgaria, georgia, romania, the russian Federation, turkey and Ukraine) to act in concert to assist in the continued recovery of the Black sea. The document provides a brief overview of the current status of the sea, based largely on information contained within the 2007 Black sea transboundary diagnostic Analysis (bs tda and taking into account progress with achieving the aims of the original (1996) Black sea strategic Action. This sap builds upon bs sap signed in 1996 (updated in 2002 by reorganising the priorities and actions therein considering the progress in the region and the current state of the environment. This updated (2009) version of the bs sap describes the policy actions required to meet the major environmental challenges now facing the sea, and includes a series of management targets. The Black sea is one of the most remarkable regional seas in the world.

snail farming business plan
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