Staple 2 page resume

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staple 2 page resume

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12 Investigating Ferrouz subsequently, jade was tasked with eliminating a corrupt judge, lamos Chatoor. Upon confronting the official, she was ambushed by a pair of armed guards, but handily defeated both. Ignoring Chatoor's excuses and pleas, she executed him in the name of Imperial justice. Following her successful mission, she was contacted mentally by palpatine after she returned to her private lambda -class shuttle. Palpatine had another assignment for her, sending her to investigate allegations of treason against governor Bidor Ferrouz of the candoras sector. Ferrouz had been reported to be collaborating with the rebel Alliance and Palpatine tasked her with ascertaining the voracity of the accusations and executing Ferrouz if they were substantiated.

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12 journeying to Shelkonwa, she found Vader and the Executor already there in search of Rebel leader leia organa. Jade believed that governor Barshnis Choard was a traitor, and informed Vader of her findings. The dark lord of the sith brooked no interference in his search, but he did allow Jade to investigate and deal with Choard. Upon landing, caaldra attacked her with a purloined All Terrain Scout Transport, but she was aided by the group of rogue stormtroopers, dubbed the hand of Judgment and led by daric larone. Taking them under her command, she defeated the at-st, unknowingly with the help of Chewbacca in a freighter, but caaldra had escaped. With her newly drafted stormtroopers, she advanced on the governor's palace, where once again caaldra tried to kill her. She put an end to him when he tried to shoot her and she redirected the bolt into him with her lightsaber. In the mean time, the hand of Judgment had penetrated the governor's security. Linking back up with the hand of Judgment, jade arrested governor Choard and vouched for the rogue stormtroopers, even in front of Vader. Later, she learned their true story. She let them go, but warned them to lie low and lose essay their Hand of Judgment name, saying she was the only hand in the Empire.

12 Jade and the stormtroopers face off an at-st jade arrived on Gepparin and was brought to meet the commodore, who was suspicious of her. That evening, jade was attacked by the two isb men, who had been ordered to eliminate her, and their attack attracted the pirates' attention. She attempted to deal with the commodore, who ignored her and had his pirate accomplice caaldra kill her. His attempt was unsuccessful, but she was interrupted before she could stop him and the commodore. Aboard the reprisal, ozzel and Somoril, wanting to be sure she was slain, arrived over Gepparin and launched tie fighters and an orbital bombardment to kill Mara and the pirates. Jade quickly raced to the command center and found the commodore's body next to a holoNet message he was about to send to Shelkonwa. She shot down the tie fighters, spondylolisthesis and the reprisal left in pursuit of the millennium Falcon and their rogue stormtroopers who had appeared in-system, allowing her to escape in a z-10 seeker.

staple 2 page resume

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She easily subdued him and he admitted the summary involvement of a pirate group identified as the BloodScars, a ruthless gang that wanted to combine several gangs to dominate the Shelsha sector. 12 Jade stowed away on one of the pirate ships that she had been pointed to, choosing a ht-2200 medium freighter that was being sent to attack a transport carrying Imperial military equipment. About the time the craft launched an attack on the happer's way, jade was also discovered and attacked by a group of pirates. Undaunted, she quickly took over the ship, captured Tannis, and signaled the reprisal via the happer's way 's communications relay to assist her and the freighter. 12 boarding the reprisal, jade was coldly greeted by captain Kendal ozzel, who believed she was onto him for five stormtroopers that had deserted earlier after killing Major Drelfin over Daric larone 's refusal to kill civilians on teardrop. Jade requested a pair of crewers for the ship, and Colonel vak somoril gave her a pair of isb men to accompany her. Taking the two isb men and Tannis with her on the happer's way, she went to infiltrate the pirate base at Gepparin, pretending to be an independent ship thief who wanted to join the BloodScars.

14 Jade had also investigated Moff Glovstoak, posing as " countess Claria" and discovered that he had been skimming the top off tax returns to the Imperial Center. Faking intoxication, she retired to a private room during a formal party Glovstoak was throwing, only to leave an inflatable dummy behind and, having exchanged her formal wear for a combat suit, quickly infiltrated his office and found six stolen paintings worth millions of credits. Jade returned to Imperial Center and reported her findings to palpatine, but also saved General deerian, whom she believed to be honest, from the fallout of Glovstoak's destruction. 12 Eliminating Choard Upon Glovstoak's arrest, jade also took the job of discovering who had delivered the paintings, as well as those who had aided the moff. First, she went to the auction house where the paintings had been sold, but gleaned little information. Next, she investigated secure storage sites and found a good match in the birtraub Brothers Storage and Reclamation Center, within which she sensed criminal connections. Observing the facility from a nearby tapcafe, the owners of the storage facility attempted to drug her, but her Force-senses alerted her to the attempt. She confronted the owner, pirtonna birtraub, who attempted to kill her.

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staple 2 page resume

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Jade had come across a man trying to escape Imperial custody on kuat and he yielded information to her obtained from a sacorrian smuggler. The smuggler told her that Kuro was on the fifth planet of the cophrigin system. Jade lobbied the Emperor unsuccessfully to be allowed to be the one to end Kuro, but instead Vader was sent. 16 During the years following the battle of yavin and preceding the battle of Hoth, jade spied on Darth Vader and delivered reports on his actions to the Emperor, even going so far as watching, from afar, his assault on the massassi temples, some six. In later missions where she was assigned to discreetly observe him, jade soon became envious of Vader and sensed a division in him, specifically because she didn't understand the basis of his obsession concerning a young Jedi named luke skywalker. Jade began to hope that Vader would betray the Emperor so that she could kill him and take his place as the Emperor's apprentice.

17 Mara jade on an undercover mission Despite these spy activities, she still performed tasks for Vader himself. Around.5 aby, jade was responsible for uncovering information about Rebel Alliance droids, c-3po and R2-D2, for Vader, though Vader was either unwilling or unable to collect the information from her himself. Instead, he sent a spacer who had been doing work for the Empire to pick up the information from Jade on Naboo before returning it to him for a reward of 2,100. 18 Later that year, she participated in the celebration of Empire day and during the festivities, she tasked an Imperial operative to rescue six Imperial officers from a prison facility inside the hidden note Rebel base on the planet Corellia. 19 Around the time of the battle of Hoth she visited Belsavis.

6 Emperor's Hand " She is, shall we say, an experiment. " Palpatine src Throughout Jade's youth, she was pushed through an intensive training regimen—which involved training alongside the Imperial royal guard 11 and learning covert espionage and assassination skills, at which she was adept by the age of fourteen 2 —and became an "Emperor's Hand. 6 In order to accomplish her mission, jade, posing as a guest at a formal event at Tarkin's residence, feigned illness in order to get away from the other guests. She then retrieved a sack of equipment and descended down the side of the building to the room containing Tarkin's private safe. While she was breaking in, a group of guards came in—actually droids —and she engaged them with her blaster and lightsaber.

However, upon sensing that one of the guards was living, she knocked him out rather than kill a soldier willing to give his life in a training exercise. Vader and Sidious were pleased with her skills and she was pronounced the Emperor's Hand. 13 Mara jade, emperor's Hand Despite there being several Emperor's Hands, she, like the others, was unaware of the existence of any other Hands. 14 due to her deep connection with the force, she could hear Palpatine's voice anywhere in the galaxy via a telepathic link. 5 Jade carried out Palpatine's will on numerous worlds, eliminating corrupt Imperial officials, traitors, and others who he deemed deserving of death or judgment. His esteem for her was such that he actually allowed her time for relaxation, atypical of Palpatine's usual style. 8 In addition to a personal starship and a protocol droid named K3 to aid her in her duties as Hand, she also received a private quarters on Coruscant, where she kept her lightsaber and a lanvarok for left-handers—although Jade herself was right-handed—among the items. 15 Before the battle of yavin, the destruction of an Imperial superweapon called the ds-1 Orbital Battle Station, she was tasked with gathering intelligence in order to help hunt down any jedi she found that had survived Order 66 —one such Jedi was An'ya kuro.

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Now professional tell me who blabbed so i can go cut his head off. " Mara jade's response to a couple of Jedi trainees questioning her past as an Emperor's Hand src Mara jade impersonating a dancer Mara jade was hibernation born in 17 bby 1 during a time of great instability as Emperor Palpatine, alias the sith Lord Darth. The Emperor took jade from her parents and brought her to the planet Coruscant at a very young age, where he began to train her in the force, although officially she was one of the Imperial Palace's dancers. Years later, jade remembered little about her early life besides her parents ' reluctance to let her go and her own certainty that she was going to leave with the Emperor. 8 She did recall at one point that she had had a falling-star globe as a child and had gotten in trouble after breaking it to see how it worked. 10 Her master trained her in the ways of the force and she was made into an agent of the Empire. 8 Some of the Imperial court assumed her to simply be a dancer or one of Palpatine's concubines.

staple 2 page resume

During that time, she participated in Jedi offensives against the write yuuzhan Vong, aiding in the war effort. After the fall of Coruscant, she helped Cal Omas become elected as the Chief of State as the new Republic reorganized itself into the galactic Federation of Free alliances. Jade skywalker ultimately saw her efforts against the yuuzhan Vong rewarded in the war's final battle on Coruscant with the death of Supreme overlord Shimrra jamaane. In the following years, jade skywalker was active during the dark nest Crisis and the subsequent Swarm War, wherein she helped to thwart the expansionist plans of raynar Thul and the insectoid Killiks who were spreading into Chiss space and subverting many other people into. Jade skywalker was insistent that the jedi who had joined Killik communities would be withdrawn, as they were using their skills in combat against the Chiss, provoking them. She continued to serve by the side of her husband as a jedi master during the second Galactic civil War, first serving alongside the galactic Alliance against the rebellious Confederation. The re-emergence of the sith Lady lumiya was another threat that Jade skywalker had to confront, but though she and her husband skirmished with both Lumiya and the fallen Jedi Alema rar on multiple occasions, the darksiders escaped. As the war escalated, jade skywalker was killed by her nephew, jacen Solo, whom she had learned was a sith and therefore saw as a threat to her family personally, to the jedi Order, and to the galaxy at large. Biography early life (17 bby4 aby) " yeah, it's true.

pilot and mechanic and trained in the use of both a blaster and hand-to-hand combat even without relying on the force. Over the years, she continued to work for Karrde and interact with skywalker intermittently, training at his Jedi Praxeum on yavin 4 for a short period of time. She was groomed by karrde to take over the Smugglers' Alliance and had a brief relationship with Lando calrissian as part of that role, although she later admitted it was a charade. She also continued to grow closer to skywalker and worked alongside him on numerous occasions, including the Almanian Uprising and the corellian Crisis. The two finally realized in 19 aby while on a mission to nirauan that they were in love, and wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. After marrying skywalker, mara jade took the surname skywalker and devoted her life to the new Jedi Order, becoming a master in her own right. Shortly before the yuuzhan Vong War, she fell ill due to deadly coomb spores that she'd been infected with by a yuuzhan Vong agent. She used the force to slow their progress even as she continued to fight against the alien invaders on numerous battlefields including Dantooine and Ithor, but the disease was only purged from her system after the birth of her son Ben in 26 aby. After becoming a master, jade skywalker took her niece jaina solo as an apprentice until she reached Knighthood.

She was raised as literature a servant and assassin. Emperor, palpatine and became a high-level, force-using operative. As an Emperor's Hand, jade carried out the Emperor's bidding, killing, rebels and corrupt. Imperials alike with cold professionalism, even as a young woman. As Palpatine's assassin, she received top-notch training from experts in a variety of fields as well as training in the force, which was continued by luke skywalker years later. After Palpatine's death, she received his last command, which was to kill. Luke skywalker ; however, the death of her Master caused her to go rogue. Eventually she joined smuggler chief, talon Karrde, becoming one of his best smugglers and his second-in-command.

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This article is about the, new Jedi Order, master. You may be looking for the, old Republic, jedi master. Mara thesis or the freighter, mara. I've always been a fighter. The few times when I have been at leisure, i've been miserable. I want challenges, i crave them. mara jade skywalker src, mara jade skywalker was, during different times in her life,. Emperor's Hand, a smuggler, and later a, jedi master who sat upon the, jedi high council.

staple 2 page resume
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