Essay on visit to a village

Essay on a visit to the country side, village

essay on visit to a village

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Plastic bottles could be used to make hanging lamps, brooms or plant stand at home in artistic ways. paper- In the past, recycled paper had become a trend. It is still a demanding market for its organic aspect. Old envelopes are used as trash bags or tiffin wraps. Newspapers can be used as creative gift wrappers, recycled papers are still used to send invitation and other similar purposes. Saving trees by not using paper is today's trend.

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Waste has to be looked upon as a global issue as it concerns proper sanitation. An excellent plan to reuse the waste will give room for provision of potable food, water, shelter, communication and transport. Basic essential to society and also the economy as a whole. In many countries, there are minimal to absolutely no rules for regulating the waste. There are no rigorous enforcement or implementation of the same leading to opting of cheapest available course of action save for the removal of the waste. Major types of Recycling items-, plastics- Plastic is one of the most dangerous items that take hundreds of years to degrade. It is hazardous due to Styrofoam, polystyrene foam. Hence, there is a ban on plastic. Replacing them are biodegradable plastics, which is, plant derived resin like polylactic acid. It uses are in car parts, electrical components and clothing.

500 words Essay on 'best out of waste'From used to reuse - the best out of waste. Why give importance to waste materials? What comes to your mind when we use the word 'waste'? It can be a large picture of dirty, used and unhygienic things lying in a corner of the road. Every year, million tons of wastes are produced globally. So why is biography waste a global issue? This is because it is posing a huge threat to the environment and public health. It is linked to the way society is producing and consuming goods of any kind.

essay on visit to a village

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The harvest time is very busy for farmers. Men, women and children work together at the front time of seed and harvesting. The people of the village are the back-bone of our country. They are stout of heart and strong of limb. They face very harsh conditions in the vi llages and around but seldom complain. Conclusion, we concluded from above mentioned discussion that life in a village community is natural, simple and uniform. The villagers lead a uniform life tilling land and rearing animals. Its living standard is lower than the town because the means of earning money are limited here. However, people living in villages are enjoying their lives in a befitting and prosperous way.

There are cattle, dark and ill-smelling where cows and buffaloes are kept, stables of horses and poultry farms. The chickens, ducks and geese are free to run about in the open spaces as they please. All the birds and animals make their cries and songs which looks a great fun for villagers. The cock crows, the hens cackle, the dog barks and the cat mews at night. It does not show that it is noisy place. Any type of pollution does not come in the village. It remains fresher and less polluted, which is good for health. The people of village are doing hard work in field. The farmer ploughs his fields in the morning.

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essay on visit to a village

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The people are living in a wonderful and enjoyable way. The lifestyle of it is not advanced as what you see in the cities. However, the attitude of villagers essay are good and welcoming than the people of city. The villagers keep more social relations and know each other about in the village. People living here are helping each other and rely on their neighbors at any hour of the day. These people are friendlier with each other in a traditional way.

Lifestyle, health, food and habits of the people living in the village are clean, natural and good because they are using natural foods and doing hard work. There is less vehicular traffic in the village. No doubt, voice pollution is more dangerous for our health. Occasionally there is a whirring tractor or a squeaking bullock cart in some of the outer lanes. People of the village and some of their cattle take rest under shadow the green trees in summer. Atmosphere of Village, its atmosphere is totally organic and natural.

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General Description, it will be a bit difficult to explain and prefer village lifestyle on city because the people are living both in villages and cities. They also love their respective lifestyles and place of birth. Definitely, there is a huge difference between both lifestyles. Organic Lifestyle, resources available in the village are natural and organic. It is made up mud-houses, rough lanes and ponds. Fresh air, fresh foods and greenery of fields and crops are available any time. There are dung-hills, rows of dung cakes and heaps of rubbish. Life in a village is almost equal to a peaceful heaven.

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essay on visit to a village

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essay on visit to a village
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  3. Next, visit, to, a hill. Below is an essay on ". Much have also been said about the smiling and friendly faces you meet on your approach to the village scene.

  4. English, essay, english essay on village life, essay in English, essay on village life, make money, make money online blogging. A, visit to a, hospital. Health, food and habits of the people living in the village are clean, natural and good because they are using natural foods and.

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