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The hitmans Bodyguard is hilarious : movie review

hilarious movie reviews

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Unless Sam Elliots toned body gets you all hot under the collar there is no way you will take any part of this movie seriously. If environment is abused, one day it will wreak vengeance fair enough but why was only the Crockett family targeted? No one found that out, and its not worth trying to find logic in this amphibian-induced mayhem either. The Island. Wells story, van Kilmer and Marlon Brando sharing screen space how can such a movie be anything but a must-watch? Well, it is but probably not in the way that the makers intended. Marlon Brando probably understood what a turkey this film was turning out to be halfway through the shooting, and, understandably, sleepwalks through his role (at least he bagged a razzie award for his efforts). The director has to be thanked for bringing in the pygmy motif too that adds an additional chuckle to this already sorry excuse of a horror movie.

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Remember the dreaded leatherface from the earlier films? Well, he becomes a cross-dresser in this abysmal film. We are not complaining though for ghosts are rarely portrayed as laughing stocks like this! The happening (2008. Night shyamalan lost his mojo after The village, and The happening revealed the first signs of his downward spiral. The laboured pace of the narrative ruined whatever promise the storyline had and even at a runtime of 90 minutes, the movie can bore you to death (dont take that literally!). In the movie, mark wahlberg chats with his plastic garden plant, write john Leguizamo speaks in a strange accent, and there are no plot twists at the end (which used to be the signature touch in Shyamalans earlier works). The movie makes you laugh because hey, everyone loves to see how bad a director, who was earlier considered a genius, has become! Frogs (1972 alfred Hitchcock made birds, and everyone sat up and took notice. Partly inspired by that, and partly to generate awareness about our dear ol environment, george McCowan made Frogs. Once again, everyone took notice for such a source of unintended mirth and convoluted story does not come along everyday.

Shark in Venice (2008 well just gloss over the fact that this report movie was not even shot in Venice (the location was Bulgaria, in case you were interested). A wooden Stephen Baldwin sets out with the vanessa johansson to look for his lost daddy. During their adventure, killer sharks with teeth sharp enough to bite through gondolas attack them, the Italian mafia makes a (God knows why!) appearance, and there is a treasure hunt thrown in the mix too. Shark in Venice adds a whole new dimension to the term hackneyed and fully justifies its current position as one of the lousiest horror movies ever. The texas Chainsaw Massacre: The next Generation (1994). Dont be duped by the title, since nobody gets killed by a chainsaw in the movie. All that director Kim Henkel tried to do with this trite horror/slasher flick was to cash in upon a successful franchise and he managed to considerably ruin its reputation in the process.

hilarious movie reviews

The most savage (and painfully

When the plump turkey wakes up (horrible special effects you will double up with laughter at the way it rolls its eyes and desperately tries to appear evil. To give credit where its due, thanksKilling was promoted as a horror-comedy film. The only issue was it was full-on comedy, and scares were scarce! Killer Klowns From Outer Space (1988). You cant expect a film with a name like this to scare you but The Chiodo Brothers try their best, and fail remarkably, to. It has remained a mystery why clowns were spelt with a k in the title unless, of course, it indicated (in some way) that the clowns were actually aliens. It is fun to see the little creatures with painted faces trying to bump off and feed on unsuspecting humans. Watch it any time of the day you wont feel an iota of fear. Films like poltergeist and It aced the scary clowns theme, while this one remains worth an occasional chuckle.

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hilarious movie reviews

Thor Ragnarok, review 2: Marvel Hits Another, hilarious

Unfortunately, they overdo this often, leading to unintentionally funny films like these. Food Of The gods (1976). After birds and frogs and turkey come huge rats! Make no mistake, if such killer rats indeed came calling, the smiles would vanish from our faces. However, with the chances of that occurring being practically nil all that remains is Pamela Franklin and Marjoe gartner trying their level best to save their island from rodents, which, sadly, look sick and bloated, instead of fearsome.

The movie bagged a golden Turkey award, and it was nothing more than what it deserved. Its Alive (1974 cute kids make truly spooky evil characters in horror movies (think essay damien from the first The Omen film). In Its Alive, we have a just-born baby, which happens to be a mutant, wreaking havoc on everything and everyone around. The point at which the baby chooses the skylight as its escape route would be when you start laughing, and the way it happily moves along stinky sewers to kill people is unbelievably hilarious. You would feel that there is no reason to be afraid of this eerie toddler one tight slap would solve the problem right away! ThanksKilling (2009 oh dear Lord, the big fat Thanksgiving turkey is alive, cursed, and is scheming to murder of innocent students!

The sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 2 (2008) 19) Attack of the Flesh devouring Space worms from Outer Space (1998) 20) Flight of the living dead: Outbreak on a plane (2007) 21) Gingerdead Man 3: Saturday night Cleaver (2011) 22) Matango: Attack of the fungus. The fungus of Terror) (1963) 23) Oh Dad, poor Dad, mammas Hung you in the Closet and Im feelin so sad (1967) 24) Cannibal Women in the avocado jungle of death (1989) 25) Bring me the head of Alfredo garcia (1974) 26) Jesus Christ Vampire. Jesus Christ Vampire hunter (2001) 27) a vagina for Christmas (2011) 28) Rock n roll Wrestling Women. The aztec Mummy (1964) 29) Attack of the giant leeches (2008) 30) Vampire vixens from Venus (1995). Vampire vixens from Venus (1995 advertisements).

Films that deal with the supernatural can be categorized under two broad heads. The first are the horror movies that are good in the conventional sense. You will be reluctant to watch them in the dark, and would prefer having someone else in the room while watching these flicks. The other is the so bad that theyre good category which comprise of films that, instead of being scary, turn out to be laugh-rides. Such unintentionally funny horror movies generally dont do well at the box-office, but over time, tend to assume cult status among film connoisseurs. We here present some such sub-standard gems: Nicolas Cage developed a tendency to sign too many films in the mid and late 2000s as a result of which we got to see such wannabe horror gems like the wicker Man (2008) and Ghost Rider: Spirit. While The Blair Witch Project (1999) has several genuinely scary moments, you cant help but smile when a sack of teeth is discovered halfway through the film. Horror movies are churned out in large numbers every year in Hollywood, and directors/scriptwriters need to think up novel concepts to make their film stand out.

Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle

They saved Hitlers Brain (1968) 3) Can engelsk heironymus Merkin Ever Forget Mercy humppe and Find True happiness? Can heironymus Merkin Ever Forget Mercy humppe and Find True happiness? (1969) 4) Santa Clause conquers the martians (1964). Santa Clause conquers the martians (1964) 5) Radioactive cannibal vikings from Hell (2007) 6) Disco beaver from Outer Space (1978) 7) Jesse james meets writing Frankensteins daughter (1966). Jesse james meets Frankensteins daughter (1966) 8) Bela lugosi meets a brooklyn Gorilla (1952). Bela lugosi meets a brooklyn Gorilla (1952) 9) The perils of Gwendolyne in the land of yik yak (1984) 10) Dont Worry, well Think of a title (1966) 11 the fearless Vampire killers, or: Pardon me, but your teeth Are. Neck (1967) 12) Dont Tell Mom the babysitters dead (1991) 13) The positively True adventures of the Alleged Texas Cheerleader-Murdering Mom (1993) 14) Killer Condom (1966) 15) Hollywood Chainsaw hookers (1988 hollywood Chainsaw hookers (1988) 16) Hell Comes to Frogtown (1988) 17) Attack of the. The sisterhood of the Travelling Pants (2005).5) The sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 2 (2008).

hilarious movie reviews

Amazon, how exactly do you miss the fact that Get Out was a horror film? Sure, it wasn't a gore-fest or particularly heavy on jump forest scares but it certainly qualified (and minimising its relevance to the genre felt like another disservice to horror). And it's not like the trailer suggested anything else. Im a lover of b-movies and/or any film in that niche pseudo-genre known as: the so bad its good movie. But, there are some films with such bizarre titles that you automatically assume that theyre so bad theyre goodthere are some which youll literally consider buying purely because of the name that they posess. So heres my list of films with titles that are funny, wacky, stupid, ridiculously long, or just downright bizarre. Oh, and if you think some of them are fakei checkedthey all have an imdb page. In no particular order 1) The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped living and Became mixed-Up Zombies!? The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped living and Became mixed-Up Zombies (1964) 2) They saved Hitlers Brain (1968).

in the film, "the game really keeps them together.". Tomsic's hilarious, but sweet, action-comedy will leave you both laughing and teary-eyed with the group's ridiculous stunts and love for each other. Amazon, regardless of some crushing low-points, 2017 wasn't entirely irredeemable for film fans: we had successes as varied as the likes of Get Out, lady bird, wonder Woman and Thor: Ragnarok. It was another year defined by the pull of billion dollar movies, franchises and sequels and while that's bound to upset people, it's those pillars that keep cinemas open for the smaller, more unique releases. And at least the inevitable divided reaction to those releases breeds some stunning, hilarious and just plain unhinged reviews from people in the real world. Forget turning to rotten Tomatoes or the "trades" - the best place to find real reviews and the wild ravings of terrifyingly angry people is Amazon, where those who purchase can vent or celebrate in delightfully unfiltered fashion. And boy do they enjoy that privilege. The Amazon reviews community often see things differently, and their hot takes on last year's biggest films sometimes have to be seen to be believed.

With Jerry's wedding approaching, hoagie deems it perfect timing for Jerry to finally join the ranks of losers. A ridiculous all-out war ensues with their young hearts a flame; the players dress as grandmas, trash country clubs, and crash an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in their attempts to tag Jerry. The All-Star cast delivers strong performances that are tempered by mark Steilen and Rob McKittrick's polarized comedic writing; the audience was split with those laughing out loud or sitting in silence. The all-star cast includes an extraordinary jon Hamm. Jeremy renner channels his avengers character Hawkeye with an exceptional performance as the egotistical superhuman Jerry, who becomes somewhat of an outcast with his superb game manipulation and intelligent defense mechanisms. Although Renner's character is marketed as the lead, and Ed Helms takes over with his energetic yet emotional performance. Helms' hoagie becomes the group's glue that reignites each man's extreme dedication to the game and each other. Isla fisher leads the impressive supporting cast. Isla fisher leads a powerful supporting cast as hoagie's uber competitive wife whose extreme nature eventually enforces the game amendment allowing women to play, with the more minor characters often delivering the funniest one-liners.

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Updated / Thursday, 15:40, jeff Tomsic makes his directorial debut with Tag - the hilarious true story of a group of men who have been maintaining their friendship since high school through a yearly, epic game of tag. The story formed the focus of a 2013 Wall Street journal article entitled, "It takes planning, caution to avoid being 'it and report the film follows journalist Rebecca (Annabelle wallis) as she attempts to understand the group and their hysterical game. For thirty years, high school friends hoagie (Ed Helms randy (jake johnson callahan (Jon Hamm sable (Hannibal Buress) and Jerry (Jeremy renners) have followed ridiculous rules to play tag annually for the month of may. This is not just a game of tag, however, but a battle of physical dominance, mental manipulation, and creativity. The friends travel across the country, hide in trunks, and set up fake scenes to tag each other during corporate meetings, doctors' appointments, weddings, and even a funeral. Jeremy renner channels his avengers character Hawkeye. In thirty years of tag, jerry has never been 'it' and announces his plans to retire from the game after this season.

hilarious movie reviews
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