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Product Sales Presentation Template, sales Presentation Templates That Kill Sales regarding Product Sales. Template Of Presentation Powerpoint, report Presentation Ppt Template Presentation Report Template within Template. This post resulted from typing up the notes taken on flip-charts that I promised to type and send to the participants in the workshop I did at TesTrek in Toronto. . my thanks go to all the people who were there and participated in the discussion, particularly lynn Mckee, paul Carvalho, michael Bolton, michael the other Michael who did not have business cards and whose last name i dont recall. . That this session took the path it did, and that the quality of the discussion it had was due very largely, if not entirely, to you. . i know I learned a great deal and I was the one with the microphone.

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Home presentation Template » Presentation Summary essay template, monday, january 16th 2017. Presentation Template, opsware john o amp 039;farrell inside Presentation Summary template. Marketing Plan powerpoint Presentation Templatejetz intended for Presentation Summary template 21 Outline templates Free sample, example format Download regarding Presentation Summary template. Executive summary Example powerpoint inside Presentation Summary template. Executive summary sample 9 Free pdf, word Documents Download inside Presentation Summary template. Sample market Executive summary template with regard to Presentation Summary template 31 Executive summary templates Free sample, example format within Presentation Summary template. Professional Summary Example samee throughout Presentation Summary template. Executive summary template for Project Management throughout Presentation Summary template. Presentation Summary report Template regarding Presentation Summary template. Business Presentation Letter Templa, letter Of Business Introduction regarding Business Presentation Letter Template. Timeline Presentation Template Free, resume awesome timeline Charts Template for Powerpoint Presentations within Timeline.

Managers should be trained on managing complexity. Supply Chain Management Talent demand is increasing. Quality is of major importance. Efficient supply chains does not necessarily mean that they should be cost driven. Good resume companies do a good job dealing with changes. Great companies are the ones including the changes. Disruptions are becoming the norm, supply Chain Managers should embed in their decision-making process both soft and hard skills.

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David Gonzalvez from mit-zaragoza disruptive technologies (Professor Martin Christopher from Cranfield School of Management agile and service-drive supply chains (Mr. Gregory Otte, from McKinsey co) and automotive supply chain structure (Dr. Sumantran, from Hinduja automotive and Ashok leyland). Each one of these trends has its own challenges for the british supply chains of the future where complexity, variability and uncertainty are the common denominators. An interesting discussion was conducted among the panelists where supply chain challenges of the future were addressed. The panel was composed of industry experts and leading academics in the field of supply chain. Some of the key takeaways from the panel discussion can be summarized as follows: Supply chain function will play a more critical role at a strategic level in the companies of the future. About 25 of the companies in the west have supply chain management functions. Eliminating complexity is not the main issue of modern supply chains.

Click here to read full content of Fujimaki's address. Lagoudis, director of Applied Research, malaysia institute for Supply Chain Innovation. Misi conference, lanai kijang has been the location for the misi 2014 annual conference. The event took place on Thursday, 20th of March, with more than 250 participants from close to 20 countries from around the world. The mix of the participants has been rather diverse in terms of age, gender, academic and industry background, which enabled for a very fruitful discussion and interaction. The topic of the conference reflected the current supply chain management trends where complexity, variability and uncertainty are becoming the key attributes of any supply chain management model design. Distinguished speakers from academia and industry presented their views on the recent supply chain management trends and how companies should start embedding in their strategies the risks that are associated with the attributes of complexity, variability and uncertainty. Among the key trends that where presented and elaborated by the presenters where those of dominant design (Dr. Chris Caplice from mit-ctl clusters (Dr.

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Result:.5 x higher profitability with optimization. 3) Prescribe business practices for adjusting analytics results. New product production optimization Asahi Breweries. Business Challenge: Decide accurate production volumes for new products. Business process: Forecast demand for new weekly products and adjust production. Leverage data science: Use nec's new product demand predicting, and develop business practices to prevent unexpected losses from anomalous results or additional factors.

Result: Minimized over and under production. Nec's 600 data and research scientists worldwide epaper define business-centric prescriptive analytics solutions using the company's Heterogeneous Mixture learning technology to automate highly accurate, large-scale predictions from multi-source, dynamically changing data, and Predictive robust Optimization Framework technology to form advanced strategies and plans conventionally carried out. Nec also offers end-to-end delivery from consultation and data science to managed services, cloud and outsourcing. Nec is developing cutting-edge prescriptive analytics solutions from product pricing for retail outlets to optimum water distribution for entire cities. Representatives of this summit have suggested that, by 2020, 40 of net investment into advanced analytics will be into predictive and prescriptive analytics. Businesses need to pluck up the courage and propose right now, to unite highly accurate prescriptive analytics with optimized business results.

Prescriptive analytics can help derive actionable decisions that directly solve business challenges and achieve a good return on investment. But the key for businesses is to first revert their way of thinking. Instead of starting from the data, they need to start from the business challenge, because they can only leverage the true power of data science once they have a feasible business challenge, process and operation in place. These uses cases illustrate three key best practices for newcomers to prescriptive analytics: 1) Define business-centric analytics processes, evidence-based proactive training smrt public bus operator, singapore. Business challenge: Reduce traffic accidents and ensure safety of 1 million daily commuters.

Business process: Use full cabin simulator to train company's 2,600 drivers. Leverage data science: Use nec's data analysis technology on a range of inputs to profile driver behavior and target drivers for proactive training. Result: 30 reduction in risk index, financial savings, brand image protection. 2) Maximize business results using optimization technology. Profit-oriented campaign optimization large telecom carrier. Business challenge: maintain profitable customer base. Business process: Proactively offer campaigns to retain customers before they lose loyalty. Leverage data science: Use nec's optimization technology to transform proactive campaigns to profit-orientated campaigns.

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D., research Fellow at nec corporation. Prescriptive analytics: from The marriage of your Business and Data Science. Key messages 1) Prescriptive analytics starts with defining a clear business challenge. 2) The winning combination: Accurate prediction optimization technology. 3) Incorporate measures to counteract limitations in data-derived decisions. 4) Advanced analytics is vital for the iot era. Summary, advanced Big Data analysis, and the investment flows to fund it, are moving from what happened and why, to more outcome-oriented questions such as what will happen, or how to make it happen. In today's increasingly prolific iot era, more sophisticated business-centric "prescriptive analytics" is vital to business success.

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Accountability In Practice: Mechanisms for ngos. World development, 31 (5. Available at: accessed: server ingo accountability Charter. Online available at: goaccountabilitycharter. Types of ngos, non-governmental organization, different Types of ngos. Online available at: ml, accessed: Worldbank. Depweb: beyond Economic Growth, Chapter. Online available at: ml, accessed: Unrol. Online available at: px?

of international ngos demonstrating their commitment to transparency, accountability and effectiveness. The Charter provides the only global, cross-sectoral accountability framework for many larger ngos such as Greenpeace, action Aid and Oxfam. The charter is based on principles such as responsible advocacy, effective programmes, non-discrimination, transparency, good governance. This is one example of horizontal accountability in which ngos can monitor one another as well as themselves. I then conclude my section of the presentation discussing why ngos need to be accountable and transparent. It is all very well to claim that it is the right thing to do, but in order for ngos to function effectively they also need ways in which they are rewarded for good behavior and punished for bad. These include public support, continued funding, respect in ngo community, legal requirements and to improve efficiency. After defining the key terms and laying the foundation the rest of the group was able to more effective demonstrate the more practical side of ngo accountability and transparency. sabrina, bibliography, ebrahim,.

Although development can be measured through economic and social terms such as gdp or hdi, there is no one way to define the term. Different countries have different priorities in their development policies. But to compare their development levels, you would first have to make up your mind about what development really means to you, what it is support to achieve. Indicators measuring their achievement could then be used to judge countries relative progress in development (Worldbank. When discussing development it is imperative not to assume that the western model is the only, or best, way to achieve. As Albert Einstein famously said: if you judge a fish by its ability to climb words a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid. Applying this" to development studies, it simply demonstrates that assumptions of a right way is not only damaging, but also demonstrates the continuing euro-centric thinking that governs international relations. The rest of the presentation was focused on the question of accountability and transparency.

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In order to fully answer why ngos should be considered transparent, democratic and accountability i began by introducing the question and defining the key terms that are critical to our argument. I began discussing ngos, defining them loosely as A non-governmental organization (ngo, also often referred to as civil society organization or cso) is a not-for-profit group, principally independent from government, which is organized on a local, national or international level to address issues in support. Task-oriented and made up of people with a common interest, ngos perform a variety of services and humanitarian functions, bring public concerns to governments, monitor policy and programme implementation, and encourage participation of civil society stakeholders at the community level. Some are organized around specific issues, such as human rights (Unrol. I then went house on to illustrate the aims of ngos and how they achieve this particularly through empowerment, lobbying, capacity building and service delivery. There are many, many different types of ngos huge, multinational ones such as Oxfam and tiny, grassroots examples that can be found in communities all over the world. I then went on to discuss another extremely contested term development.

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The conversation around these points was important and i allowed it to flow freely. Maybe those 'slides' can be useful for somebody.

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  5. 21 Outline templates Free sample. Presentation Summary panel Discussion. Lagoudis Director of Applied Research Malaysia institute for Supply Chain Innovation. Professional speaker and presentation consultant Graham davies provides a rigorous, adaptable method.

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